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Vape Lawyer - Underage Vaping Use Up 80% in 2018

Teen Vape Use Nearly Doubles in 2018

Underage Vaping in 2018 The CDC has a new report on tobacco use among minors, and they are sounding the alarm over the results.  After years of progress to reduce the amount of teens consuming tobacco, tobacco use rose dramatically in 2018. Vaping in particular exploded upward, 4.9 million high school students now use tobacco… Read More

E-Cig Vape Facepalm - Vape Battery Explosion

Exploding Vape Kills Again – This Time in Texas

William Eric Brown was killed in Forth Worth after an exploding vape sent shrapnel into his head and severed his carotid artery. William was outside a vape shop when the vape pen explosion occurred. Exploding Vape Kills Man in Florida A 38-year old man from St. Petersburg, Florida was killed in 2018 when a vape… Read More

Talcum powder lawsuit hidden research, Johnson and Johnson found during talc lawsuit to have hidden payments

Reuters Covers Work of Attorneys like Levin Simes Abrams in Baby Powder Cases

Baby Powder Cancer Today Reuters released a large in-depth article about baby powder, Johnson & Johnson, and the hidden risks of cancer.  The Reuters investigation looked into documents attorneys have reviewed during litigation against Johnson & Johnson (J&J) . Documents shown at prior trials point to evidence J&J knew and discussed the possible risks of… Read More

Rachel Abrams - Personal Injury Lawyer - Vape Lawyer

Rachel Abrams Featured in Plaintiff Magazine

The December 2018 edition of Plaintiff magazine features a two page profile of Levin Simes Abrams partner Rachel Abrams.  You can read the profile here. Rachel Abrams graduated from UC Santa Cruz with degrees in biochemistry and marine biology, and considered becoming a marine biologist prior to entering law school. She soon found her calling… Read More