Attorney Generals sue J&J over Ethicon mesh products

August 17, 2016: Kentucky’s Attorney General has filed suit against Johnson & Johnson, owners of Ethicon, over their transvaginal mesh products. Attorney General Andy Beshear claimed 15,000 women in Kentucky were implanted with mesh by Johnson and Johnson’s Ethicon division and the companies did not provide enough information about the adverse effects.

The lawsuit by Kentucky follows the filing of lawsuits by California and Washington.  California filed their claim on behalf of the recipients of 780,000 devices implanted in women in California.  Washington state filed their lawsuit with Washington’s attorney general Bob Ferguson stating “for many victims, their health and their quality of life were forever changed as a result of this deception”.

In addition to lawsuits by individual states, Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon face many personal injury lawsuits by individual plaintiffs.  Ethicon has recalled several of their transvaginal mesh products due to injuries. Prior verdicts against Ethicon and J&J include an $11 million dollar verdict at trial.

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